Demystifying AI for HR: Co-hosted by & WeWork

Artificial intelligence (AI), automation, chatbots, and their effects on recruitment and HR., an AI chatbot software for recruiters, partnered with WeWork, a coworking space, to host Demystifying AI for HR on Thursday 19th July, 2018.

The goal of this event was to demystify the concept of artificial intelligence for HR professionals. The evening consisted of insights and discussions about:

  • Common myths and misconceptions about AI
  • How AI is used across different aspects of HR
  • Capabilities and limitations of HR technology

Highlights of the event

A quick survey of those who attended the event showed that there is a growing number of people concerned about how AI may affect their job stability. This was one myth which was debunked during the presentation. One key takeaway for the audience was that AI can help them find top candidates who may normally be overlooked based on their resume. Attendees also saw first-hand how the conversational bot shortlists candidates based on competency, while removing bias from the hiring process.


Raj Kasi, Head of Sales & Marketing at

While currently focusing on business expansion and growth, Raj brings a decade of experience in human resources. He has built a career in the executive search space, partnering with leadership teams in the financial services, natural resources, and chemical industries.

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A big thank you to WeWork for hosting this event with us!

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