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AI in Recruiting

The world around us is in a constant state of flux. We may not like it but no one can deny that the world is changing. Some of these have been for the good while others not so much. The recruitment industry has not been immune to these changes.

The way that we recruit has undergone several transformations. Of these, the most important and most radical one is its latest iteration, the AI revolution in recruitment.

The impact of AI in recruitment has been well documented as far as the recruiting side is concerned. What has been less explored is its effect on the candidate.

With more and more companies adopting AI for their recruitment process, candidates too should keep up with the changing landscape. A candidate should be prepared to be interviewed by a machine just as much as they are to be, by a human.

Practice for an AI recruiter

Practice may not make one perfect but it sure as hell does help. There is a reason why any respectable university or college conducts placement training with mock interviews, for its students.

Click here to go to the practise bot

If you want to practice for an interview conducted by a human it’s rather easy. There are thousands of avenues to practice for a classical interview.

So how do you practice for an AI interview? Fear not! that’s why we are here.

We at Impress have developed a practice chatbot which tries to imitate the real thing as far as possible. Our actual bots usually have external assessments, which is not present here because it depends on third parties.

How to take the test

Do keep in mind that the questions are significantly easier than in a real test. If you answer the questions sincerely and complete the application we will even send you the result of the interview.

Whenever you are ready just click on the robot below to start your practice interview.

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