The Creative Square finds top talent using an AI virtual recruiter

To people who are skeptical, I would definitely recommend to try’s platform. I really like how responsive the team is, how user friendly the product is, and it’s quite easy to get the hang of.” Nisa Rahman, The Creative Square Company

The Creative Square is an internal business incubator which tests the viability of business ideas in various areas. 

Reasons why The Creative Square loves

>The platform is easy to understand and user-friendly

>Customer support is readily available and helpful

>Chatbot interviews reveal a different side of candidates compared to CVs _

Our team sat down with Nisa Rahman from The Creative Square (TCS) to learn more about the business and the impact an AI virtual recruiter has had on their hiring process.

“We are in the business of experimentation. At TCS, our mission is to build a team of energetic, passionate individuals to help us validate ideas in various areas,” Nisa explained.

To efficiently support business expansion and find the right candidates to build their team, TCS started using an AI virtual recruiter to automate the early stages of hiring and shortlisting.

“We found just in time, as we started hiring for our team. The platform was recommended by our business owner. It sounded like something new, different, and exciting, so we were very open to trying it out. Now, we source all our candidates and then put them through the conversational bot, which is like the first interview round for them.”

The TCS team advertises open roles in different ways. Once they receive applications, they use an internal tool to review candidates. After an initial screening, candidates are invited to

complete an interview with the AI virtual recruiter, which engages and shortlists candidates. Then, the hiring team logs into the platform to review candidate scores, which are assigned based on how well a candidate responds to interview questions.

When asked about her favourite part of the platform, Nisa mentioned it was the candidate scoring feature because it adds a layer of candidate information that can’t be found on a CV. Through the interview bot experience, the hiring team can see candidate responses and scores, which helps to give a better idea about whether that candidate would really fit into the role.

Nisa explained the difference between recruiting with versus the traditional method.

“I like how the platform has changed my perception. When I look at what the candidate says on the screen, it shows a different side to them that I wouldn’t have seen on their CV. A lot of candidates are also able to share better insights when typing out responses. Plus, if the interview is recorded, I can refer back to it later for reference before having the the face to face interview.”

The team at TCS expressed that they were happy to try’s platform, and that they have had a positive experience overall.

“Our experience working with has been very good. I’ve been in touch with my customer success manager, Prash, who is always easy to get in touch with, sorts out our issues quickly, and is very clear in his explanations. The co-founder, Sudh, has also helped quite a bit and took us through the platform.”

When asked what she would say to people who are considering to work with, Nisa said, “To people who are skeptical, I would definitely recommend to try’s platform, whether you want a demo or just to have a feel of the product itself. I really like how responsive and helpful the team is, how user friendly the product is, and it’s quite easy to get the hang of. The platform also eliminates bias.”


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