AI and the Power of Change: Co-hosted by & Accenture

Over 300 gusts came to support the new partnership between Accenture and, an AI chatbot software for recruiters, partnered with Accenture, to host AI and the Power of Change on Thursday 16th August, 2018.

The evening consisted of insights, use cases, and panel discussions about:

  • The new partnership between Accenture and
  • How AI is used to find talent and embedded across functions
  • Advice for aspiring data scientists to make an impact in their career

Highlights of the event

Speakers from Accenture Singapore spoke about how their team is using technology and analytics to find the right talent for their team. Using recruitment tools like, they have launched a Digital Assessment Center where the emphasis will be less on a candidate’s CV and more on their experience and potential. Accenture advocates hiring in an ethical and fair manner while also bringing more women onboard to close the gender gap in the consulting industry.

Following the information sharing session, the panel discussion shared their advice for aspiring data science professionals.

Sudhanshu Ahuja, CEO and co-founder at said, “Take AI out of the equation, instead talk about ROI, proof of concept, and proof of value. Then get the audience comfortable with your technology. They will not fully adopt it until they trust it. So, explain your technology in simple terms and once they understand the technology, then the impact will be exponential.”

Other panelists agreed that if analysts try to explain a model, people may feel lost. A good data scientist should focus on communicating what numbers mean and translating data into real business terms.

A key skill for data scientists to develop is presentation skills. Speakers suggested improving this skill by watching TED talks to see how other people present their thoughts.

One last piece of advice for aspiring data scientists includes understanding business challenges and focusing on using data to solve problems.


Joon Seong

Joon Seong Lee is a Managing Director at Accenture Singapore. He leads Accenture Applied Intelligence, part of Accenture Digital for the ASEAN region. He has more than 20 years of in-depth experience in consulting with both local and regional clients across industries in the space of big data, analytics & artificial intelligence.

Grace Yip

Grace is currently the Head of HR for Accenture ASEAN and is a passionate human capitalist. She is one of the youngest females to be appointed Managing Director at Accenture in 2012. Over the last 5 years, Grace has published many articles across a variety of human capital topics in newspapers and HR magazines.

Tau Herng Lim

Tau Herng graduated with a B.A. in Economics and Statistics from UC Berkeley, and is currently a Data Science Consultant with Accenture’s Data Science Centre of Excellence in Singapore. He has worked on projects for clients in the public sector, and financial services industries, covering marketing analytics, predictive policing, predictive asset maintenance, and predictive model operationalisation and management.

Norhafishah (Ifi) Malek

Norhafishah is a Principal Director at Accenture Singapore and currently leads the Accenture ASEAN Digital Solution Design team. She has 14 years of consulting experience working with industry leaders and analytics enthusiasts.

Xavier Conort

Xavier Conort is a rock star in the data science community and has been ranked the #1 data scientist on Kaggle, the most popular online data science competition platform.

Sudhanshu Ahuja

CEO and co-founder at, he currently manages sales, fundraising, and vision at the company. Sudhanshu is an entrepreneur, a go-getter, a trailblazer, and an NTU alumni.

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